Introduction to my work

Renata Price is a local artist who lives in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Her work has been exhibited throughout the area. She trained at the Art League of Alexandria Virginia and has made good use of the many training opportunities online. Art has been a life long passion of Renata’s as she was raised in a home adorned with the works of her artist mother and grandmother.

Renata’s work is very detail oriented reflecting her background as an engineer. She is also fascinated by complex shadows and reflections which are often a central characteristic of her work. Her goal is for her paintings to be hyper-realistic reflecting scenes as she thinks they would be in a more perfect world.

She now she draws inspiration from a variety of sources and does not turn away from any interesting subject. However, a primary source of her subject matter centers on interesting places she has been or hopes to visit some day. She has also interested in portraits of people and the local water fowl.

Her philosophy is that art needs to reflect ones current thoughts and concerns. With this in mind her art continues to evolve in style and subject matter while remaining true to realism. Renata initially worked in watercolor but over time has evolved to work primarily in oils. Her oil paintings often employ the techniques of the old masters as nearly has she can duplicate them with modern materials. The result are paintings with striking levels of brilliance and transparency.

When not painting Renata can be found riding the local road with her bicycle group or playing golf.