This gallery contains examples of my work. I have devided it into four sections according to subject matter. The first, Nature, contains pictures of creatures and things found in nature. I particularly enjoy painting flowers and sea birds. The second, Landscapes, includes paintings of buildings and outdoor scenes. Many of these are based on places to which I have traveled. The third, Old Masters Style, includes paintings that are copies of works from my favorite artists or paintings I have done emulating their style. Copying the Masters is a great way to learn as an artist. The fourth, Still Life, includes still life paintings I have done over the years. In enjoy these as a challenge in capturing lighting and reflections. These usually follow the Old Masters Techniques.

Green Heron

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White Iris

Blue Heron

Sand Pipers

King of the Barnyard



Elegant Calla

Morning Sunshine

Old Havana

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The Towers

The Pueblo

Summer Afternoon

Winter on the Boardwalk

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